Winner of Best Fiction at the International Latino Book Awards 2009. Chosen Best novel of the year by Siempre Mujer Magazine.

“B as in Beauty” was published in English by GCP Hachette Book Group in 2009, Vintage Español Random House in 2011, Espasa Libros in Spain, 2012, and Baldini Castoldi in Italy, 2012.

Published work

Alberto Ferreras has been published in three languages in the United States and Europe.

B as in Beauty

“B as in Beauty” written by Alberto Ferreras published by Grand Central Publishing -Hachette Book Group. Winner of the International Latino Book Award Best English Fiction 2009.

B de Bella

Spanish version of “B as in Beauty” published in the US by Random House – Vintage Español in 2011. Chosen Best Novel of the year by Siempre Mujer Magazine. Published in Spain by Espasa Libros – Planeta on 2012. Translated by the author.

Una Favola a Manhattan

Italian version of “B as in Beauty” published in Italy by Baldini Castoldi Dalai Editore. Translated by Francesca Sassi.

Paradise Found

The “Cruce de Fronteras” anthology includes shorts stories by Ariel Dorfman, Gioconda Belli, and Alberto Ferreras’ “Paradise Found”.

My Audition for Almodovar

Janet Wilcox’s “Mastering Monologues and Acting Sides” includes a monologue from Ferreras’ play “My Audition for Almodovar”.


Janet Wilcox’s “Voiceovers: Techniques and Tactics for Success” textbook includes scripts by Alberto Ferreras.


“B as in Beauty is perfectly witty, funny, and truly engaging. Pure escapism, yet strangely real… I couldn’t get enough of B.”

Daisy Fuentes

TV Presenter, Entrepreneur, Influencer.

“A funny and moving search for one’s self-esteem. It makes you realize that beauty lies not in the eyes of the beholder but in the eyes of your own mind and heart.”

Denise Quiñones

Miss Universe 2001

“Ferreras has created a modern fairy tale that is absolutely irresistible.”

Terri Slichenmayer

Book Critic, The Daily Sound

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Soledad O'Brien

Journalist, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist., CNN

“…a roller-coster of laughs and insightfully tender moments”

Aida Bardales

Book Critic, NY Daily News

“One of the best books I’ve read in years.”

Tove Aldrich

Book Critic, LX Magazine


Vanity Fair Spain

Alberto Ferreras contributed with Vanity Fair Spain between 2012-2015. He authored “Mi Vida Eres Tu: la Historia de Cristal”,  “Kathleen Turner: Donde hubo fuego”, “Barbra Streisand: Contra todo pronóstico” y “Stonewall”

Distrikt Magazine

Ferreras was in charge of a monthly column for the Miami based arts publication.

Gay City News

Ferreras has contributed with international newspapers and magazines including El Nacional, The Miami Herald, Gay City News, among others.