Alberto Ferreras is a celebrated public speaker, author of the independent webseries “Idea” and the podcast “The New Yorkster”.

He has been a guest speaker at South by Southwest, the Smithsonian Latino Center, Ebay, StubHub, Ralph Lauren, Saatchi Wellness, Sparks & Honey, HBO, Televisa, TCM, the University of Florida, Dartmouth College, Wellesley College, The Cervantes Institute in New York City, the American Association of Public Libraries among many others.

He specializes in the US Latino experience, the media industry, and the creative process.

Espanglish Lengua Nativa

Produced and curated by Shirley Rumierk, Alberto Ferreras, and Juan Jose Herrera.  “Espanglish Lengua Nativa” included an exceptional group of New York poets and writers who have pioneered the use of Espanglish in literature. Hosted by the Instituto Cervantes in New York City. Opening remarks by Alberto Ferreras.