Alberto Ferreras is a celebrated public speaker, author of the independent webseries “Idea” and the podcast “The New Yorkster”.

He has been a guest speaker at multiple events at the United Nations, South by Southwest, the Smithsonian Latino Center, and the National Museum of American History. He has given talks at Ebay, StubHub, Ralph Lauren, Saatchi Wellness, Sparks & Honey, HBO, Televisa Univision, Turner Classic Movies, the University of Florida, Dartmouth College, Wellesley College, The Cervantes Institute in New York City, the American Association of Public Libraries among many others.

His talks very often address the US Latino experience, the media industry, and the creative process.

Spanish: an American Language Explored

Panel at the United Nations featuring Estuardo Rodriguez, Guillermo Escribano, Claudia Romo Edelman, Carlos Chirinos and Alberto Ferreras. Hosted by Lily Gil Valleta, the Friends of the American Latino Museum, and the Pvblic Foundation.

United Nations, New York City, April 23, 2024.

The Miracle by Alberto Ferreras

The Miracle is an inmersive and interactive performance created by Alberto Ferreras. Through childhood memories and personal anecdotes, he confronts the audience with a simple but devastating question: were you given permission to sing? 

The Miracle had twelve performances at Theater for the New City in February 2024, and one encore show at Instituto Cervantes New York on June 6 2024.

Leading The Change Conference 2022

Televisa Univision’s yearly marketing summit included: Alberto Ferreras’ “Seven Creative Principles to Reach Latino Audiences”, an insightful talk about cultural traits that are unique to the Hispanic audience in the U.S.

Las Vegas, Nevada. November 2022

Espanglish Lengua Nativa

Produced and curated by Shirley Rumierk, Alberto Ferreras, and Juan Jose Herrera.  “Espanglish Lengua Nativa” included an exceptional group of New York poets and writers who have pioneered the use of Espanglish in literature. Hosted by the Instituto Cervantes in New York City. Opening remarks by Alberto Ferreras.

Instituto Cervantes New York, November 13, 2019.

Have you ever dared to sing in front of strangers?

Alberto Ferreras reveals the surprising benefits of overcoming the fear of singing in front of others. (In Spanish)

How did you survive the pandemic?

Alberto Ferreras explains how exploring an empty city gave him joy, strength, and hope.

Can sports and politics be connected?

Alberto Ferreras discusses a strange connection between astigmatism, politics,and professional sports.